Local Ingredients,             International Flavor



what we do

Rye, seafood, mushrooms, berries, and roots form the fundamentals of Nordic food.  Each dish Chef Mikko prepares is an elegant combination of traditional and modern influence.

Nordic fare is unique in its simple, yet versatile, presentation. Using traditional cooking techniques such as curing, smoking and pickling, every plate delivers a distinct and refined taste.

By using ingredients sparingly, but with intention, Chef Mikko’s cuisine focuses on the depth of each individual flavor. Crafted with fresh berries, nutritious vegetables, wild roots and more, a wholesome, healthy palate is the foundation of Chef Mikko’s food.




Who we are

Chef Mikko has prepared his Nordic cuisine for ambassadors, politicians and royalty across the world—now, his innovative and highly celebrated dishes are available to all.

Chef Mikko's passion for cooking began at a young age and continued to grow as he worked in his family’s renowned restaurant, Cassi in Stockholm.  He mastered his craft during his time at the prestigious Helsinki Culinary School.  Right after school, Chef Mikko worked for the Finnish Ambassador to Lithuania, and later, at La Belvedere—a Michelin-rated restaurant in Annecy, France.

After leaving Europe, Chef Mikko spent 15 years as the Executive Chef for the Finnish Ambassador to the United States. During his time in D.C., Chef Mikko has cooked for a diverse audience of politicians, diplomats, and more. His dishes have received numerous national and international awards of excellence and he is often applauded for his mastery of modern Nordic cuisine.



Mikko is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. He uses only local and seasonal ingredients in order to craft healthy, fresh meals.